Welcome to Touchstone

Touchstone is an international real estate and private equity investment firm with officers based in Boston, MA, New York, NY, Austin, TX, and Jackson, MS. We are passionate about accelerating the development and growth of our portfolio companies located around the world.

Our Mission

To create outsized returns for investors through unique investment opportunities involving timing, access, and liquidity advantages.


Real Estate: When it comes to real estate, Touchstone is deal focused. Each market provides a unique opportunity when it comes to relationships, economics, and access. We specialize in large-scale commercial and residential development.

Private Equity: In private equity Touchstone focused on rapidly growing markets, and then sources pre-series A investment opportunities primarily focused on the software-as-a-service (SaaS) business segment. Touchstone tends to invest in businesses outside of the United States, and often uses special purposes entities (SPEs) as a highly focused investment vehicle with a limited investment thesis.

Current Investments:

  • Dot Ave (Boston): Land was designated for high density development by the City of Boston in 2015 under the South Boston Dorchester Avenue Planning Initiative. Under a master permitting process called a Planned Development Area or ‘PDA’, the JV expects to achieve permitting for over 2 million square feet of buildable space comprising Life Sciences, Residential, Office, and Retail space.
  • Al Marjan – (United Arab Emirates): Four unique islands, one unforgettable destination for those seeking the very best from both investment and leisure. More...


Our team’s breadth of skills and deep expertise are a critical source of intellectual capital.

Chris Ragland, MBA

With over two decades of business experience including overseas management consultancy, Chris focuses on back-office operations. In addition to operations, Chris acts as the principal fiduciary for the investment vehicles used by Touchstone.

Rajat Bhatnagar

Rajat serves as the bridge between our investors and investment opportunities. Rajat's primary focus is helping clients identify real estate investment opportunities and strategically manage real estate assets. Rajat is also dedicated to help clients launch and scale digital and agile transformations.

Tom Meade

Tom has extensive real estate development and fundraising experience in the United States, having raised over $100MM in direct placement private equity during his career. Tom handles front-line investor relations for Touchstone.

Vivek Anand Oberoi

Vivek acts as a special advisor on international investment opportunities, with particular focus on India and the UAE. While Vivek may be most famous for his prolific Bollywood career, he is an accomplished investor with an impressive track record in both start-ups and real estate. He has an exceptional track record of building growth strategies for undervalued medium sized family owned companies and taking them public on the Bombay and National Stock Exchanges of India.

Where You Invest Matters.